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New Jobs Site Can Help You Find a Health Career

HELIX is a health careers jobs websiteAre you enrolled in one of our many health career programs? Are you a recent graduate of a program? If so, we’ve just launched a great new website that can help you find a job.

The website is named HELIX, and it’s growing every day. More and more health providers are listing jobs on the website. More graduates are using it to find jobs. Eventually, HELIX may be the best health career jobs site in Dallas County.

Haven’t heard of HELIX? If you want a career in a health field, you need to know about it.

How HELIX Works

HELIX connects employers to graduates (and soon-to-be grads) of our colleges’ health care programs. Employers post job openings on HELIX. Students of the colleges of DCCCD post resumes, reference letters and other documents. You can search for jobs by city or by job title, among other filters. High-demand jobs and overlooked jobs are highlighted in a “Featured Jobs” section. Both big institutions and small businesses post jobs.

HELIX goes further than general jobs websites. Shannon Ydoyaga is executive director of DCCCD’s Health Careers Resource Center, which runs HELIX. She notes that HELIX allows for more detail than general jobs sites.

“HELIX is unique in that it lets students load in the details of licensure and organizations they work with,” Ydoyaga said. “It gets very specific.”

Not Just Nursing Jobs

“Lots of times students have only heard about nursing,” notes Ydoyaga. “They don’t realize there are more than 200 career options.”

Besides nursing, popular jobs include radiology, medical assisting, pharmacy technician and medical laboratory technician.

“Even on the administrative side, there are lots of opportunities in jobs such as medical coding and billing,” Ydoyaga says. Such programs include Medical Front Office and Medical Staff Services.

What the HCRC Does

The Health Careers Resource Center is the hub at DCCCD for helping students with health-related careers.

“We talk with graduates about the next step,” Ydoyaga says. “For example, after completing an RN [registered nurse] program, what’s the next step?” It could be a job. Or it could be transfer to a university. The center provides intensive career and program information related to health care fields.

“What we know is if a student is a good fit for a program, they tend to be more successful,” says Ydoyaga.

Check out HELIX today! And be sure to contact the Health Careers Resource Center to see what it can do for you.

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What You Missed on Facebook, Instagram & More in March

image of comment bubblesWe shared all kinds of things this month on social media. Here’s what you might have missed:

Follow us on social media so you don’t miss anything next month!

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Medical Front Office Is a Healthy Career Choice

photo of medical assistantDo you want to work in health care but aren’t interested in working with patients? Consider a career as a medical front office assistant.

The Medical Front Office program at Brookhaven College can train you to work in the offices of clinics and hospitals, doctors’ offices, medical insurance companies, health care organizations and more. The training is useful for other positions, too. These include coding or billing specialists, medical assistants or medical office managers.

“Front office” skills allow you to work in a medical setting without direct patient contact. Instead, you’ll use information technology to support health care staff. You’ll do administrative tasks such as dealing with incoming and outgoing patients, scheduling and monitoring appointments and maintaining patient records.

Employers want workers who are skilled in computer knowledge, diversity, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills. As a Medical Front Office student, you’ll be trained in common medical terminology, medical office procedures, medical software applications, medical basic coding and medical insurance — so you can go right to work.

Day, Evening and Online Classes

All courses are offered as day or evening courses on campus, as well as completely online.

Brookhaven College offers two certificates:

How to Get Started

If you’re thinking about applying for this program, attend an information session. There, the award, schedule and estimated expenses will be discussed in detail. For times and locations, contact program coordinator Sharon Burton or check the online schedule.

To get started in the program for college credit, complete the admissions process at Brookhaven College and meet with a financial aid counselor to determine your financial aid needs.

Before registration, you must contact a Brookhaven Medical Front Office faculty member.

Have other questions that our website doesn’t answer? Contact us.

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Student Success Story: Margaret Lembcke

photo of Margaret LembckeMargaret Lembcke had no plan to enroll in the Medical Front Office program when she accompanied her daughter to Brookhaven College. But she’s glad she did enroll. Three months after finishing her courses, she had a job in the field.

“I was at Brookhaven College with my daughter, who was registering for classes there, and saw a flier about the Medical Front Office program,” she says. “I went to the information session and then signed right up for classes. I got the job at Baylor (Medical Center at Irving) about three months after I finished my certificate, in the spring of 2008.

“There’s not a thing I don’t use from the information I learned in the Medical Front Office program: insurance, coding, medical terminology. The classes did a very good job of teaching skills that we’d really need. We were always learning from people who have worked in the field, not just learned information in a classroom.

“I’m very comfortable with the knowledge I gained in the program because I have a really good understanding of the job that I’m supposed to do. Everything I learned in class lines up very well with the job; it’s all real-world stuff. There’s what the book says, and that’s great in theory, but it really helps me feel confident in my work that I also have hands-on knowledge.”

Another thing Lembcke learned from the experienced faculty at Brookhaven was the value of teamwork.

“We have to use teamwork to provide the information that doctors need, so that when they sit down with medical records they can provide the quality of care a patient needs,” she says.

“I am part of a big team, and I feel that I’m doing something meaningful: I’m helping patients get the best quality of care that they can. I love feeling that what I’m doing has significance and what I do will make a difference in people’s lives.”

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Jobs in Medical Front Office

image of a female medical office workerMedical Front Office at Brookhaven College is our program of the month for March. If you’re looking for a job as a medical secretary, medical billing assistant, medical front office assistant or a related career, here are some great opportunities.


Clinical secretary (Richardson)

Medical office receptionist (Dallas)


Health care billing representative (Irving)

Patient services specialist (Dallas)

Unit secretary (Dallas)

Medical office receptionist (Dallas)

Unit secretary (Dallas)

Front office specialist (Dallas)

Medical secretary/receptionist (Dallas)

Unit secretary (Dallas)

Unit secretary-emergency (Dallas)

Patient care secretary (Dallas)

Medical secretary (Plano)

Secretary-medical/surgical unit (Frisco)

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We Have Degrees and Certificates for the Best Jobs of 2013

photo of college studentsThe 30 best jobs of 2013, according to U.S. News & World Report’s list of the top 100 jobs, cover a range of industries, with half in health care and almost a third in computer information technology. The colleges of DCCCD offer the degrees and certificates you would need for 22 of the 30 best jobs. (See our post about the 25 best jobs of 2012 to compare the 2013 list to the 2012 list.)

The 30 Best Jobs (and our college programs that go with them):

  1. Dentist (Dental Assisting)
  2. Registered nurse (Nursing)
  3. Pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician)
  4. Computer systems analyst (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Digital Forensics)
  5. Physician
  6. Database administrator (Computer Information Technology – Programming)
  7. Software developer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  8. Physical therapist
  9. Web developer (Computer Information Technology – Web/Internet Services, Internet Development Technologies)
  10. Dental hygienist (Dental Assisting)
  11. Occupational therapist
  12. Veterinarian (Veterinary Technology)
  13. Computer programmer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  14. School psychologist
  15. Physical therapist assistant (Physical Therapy Aide)
  16. Interpreter and translator
  17. Mechanical engineer (Engineering Emphasis Degrees)
  18. Veterinary technologist and technician (Veterinary Technology)
  19. Epidemiologist
  20. IT manager (Computer Information Technology – Networking/Security or PC Support)
  21. Market research analyst (Marketing Careers)
  22. Diagnostic medical sonographer (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
  23. Computer systems administrator (Computer Information Technology – Networking/Security)
  24. Respiratory therapist (Respiratory Care)
  25. Medical secretary (Medical Front Office, Medical Staff Services)
  26. Civil engineer (Engineering Emphasis Degrees)
  27. Substance abuse counselor (Substance Abuse Counseling)
  28. Speech-language pathologist
  29. Landscaper and groundskeeper
  30. Radiologic technologist (Radiologic Sciences)


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We Have Degrees for the 25 Best Jobs of 2012

The 25 best jobs of 2012, according to U.S. News & World Report cover a range of industries, with half in health care or technology. DCCCD offers the degrees and certificates you would need for 19 of the 25 best jobs.

The 25 Best Jobs (and the DCCCD programs that go with them):

  1. Registered nurse (Nursing)
  2. Software developer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  3. Pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician)
  4. Medical assistant (Medical Assisting)
  5. Database administrator (Computer Information Technology – Programming)
  6. Web developer (Computer Information Technology – Web/Internet Services, Internet Development Technologies)
  7. Computer systems analyst (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Digital Forensics)
  8. Physical therapist
  9. Computer programmer (Computer Information Technology – Programming, Internet Development Technologies)
  10. Occupational therapist
  11. Maintenance and repair worker (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology, Construction Management, Construction Technology, Electrical Technology, Welding)
  12. Elementary school teacher (Child Development, Education-Related Degrees)
  13. Clinical laboratory technician (Medical Laboratory Technician)
  14. Speech-language pathologist
  15. Paramedic (EMS/Paramedic)
  16. Meeting, convention and event planner (Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management)
  17. School counselor
  18. Social worker (Social Work, Substance Abuse Counseling)
  19. Sports coach
  20. Sales representative (Business Administration, Marketing Careers)
  21. Accountant (Accounting)
  22. Receptionist (Business Office Systems and Support, Medical Front Office)
  23. Financial advisor (Accounting)
  24. Customer service representative (Business Office Systems and Support, Medical Front Office)
  25. HR specialist


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