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Commercial Music: Create What You Love

Turn your love of music into a profitable career by developing musical and technical skills in one of four specialized tracks. All of our faculty members are working professional musicians, so you’ll learn from the best.

Our Commercial Music grads perform and are employed around the world as:

  • Professional artists
  • Composers and arrangers
  • Studio and live sound engineers
  • Radio and television staff
  • Music retailers and marketers

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Meet Tim Grant, Commercial Music Student of the Week

???????????????????Tim Grant went back to school later in life to start a new career as the owner of a musical instrument store. He earned a degree in Commercial Music from Cedar Valley College.

Tim’s decision to change his life is why he’s our student of the week!

He says, “I was almost 40 when I started college at Cedar Valley. But earning that associate degree was worth it. When I went to get a loan from the bank to open my store, they almost turned me down.

“Then, when they realized that at almost 40, I had quit my job and gone to college to earn an associate degree, they knew I had serious intentions. Getting that degree opened doors.

“More than just getting an education in music, I did learn to think more deeply at Cedar Valley.”

Tim Grant founded Ellis County Music Center, a store specializing in musical instrument sales and music lessons.

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Turn Your Music Dream Into a Career Reality

Is music a huge part of your life? Do you dream of performing, composing or arranging? Wouldn’t you like to find a way to really make a living doing what you love?

Cedar Valley College offers a unique opportunity to turn your love of music into a profitable career with its Commercial Music and Recording Technology program. It’s a great way to get a realistic view of the local performing and recording industries, associate with professional musicians and gain valuable working knowledge — all at an affordable price.

You can specialize in one of four tracks – including the popular Recording Technology track – that can lead to a variety of exciting career opportunities.

Learn more about the Commercial Music program at http://www.dcccd.edu/commercialmusic.

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