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RecycleMania: Our Colleges Are Crazy-Good at it

RecycleMania 2015 logoNorth Lake College took home the top prize nationally in the waste minimization category of the 2015 RecycleMania Tournament. Waste minimization is the least overall waste per person. NLC’s per-person amount was 3.3 pounds. The win marks North Lake’s fifth national championship in waste minimization.

Other colleges that participated in RecycleMania also did well:

  • Cedar Valley College placed 15th in the waste minimization category with 15.124 pounds per capita
  • Eastfield College placed fourth in the waste minimization category with 3.290 pounds per capita
  • Mountain View College placed eighth in the waste minimization category with 9.294 pounds per capita
  • Richland College placed fifth in the grand champion category with 80.316 percent recycling rate. RLC placed 17th in the waste minimization category with 17.386 pounds per capita. Richland was 13th in the paper recycling category with 11.396 pounds per capita.

Almost 400 colleges and universities competed in RecycleMania this year. Schools are ranked according to how much recycling, trash and food waste they collect over two months.

Find out the complete results of the RecycleMania tournament.

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Let HELIX Help You Find a Health Career

Logo for HELIXWhether you are enrolled in one of our health career programs or are a recent graduate of one, we have a great website that can help you find a job.

The website is named HELIX, and it’s growing every day. More and more health providers are listing jobs on the website. More graduates are using it to find jobs. Eventually, HELIX may be the best health career jobs site in Dallas County.

Haven’t heard of HELIX? If you want a career in a health field, you need to know about it.

How HELIX Works

HELIX connects employers to graduates (and soon-to-be grads) of our colleges’ health care programs. Employers post job openings on HELIX. Students of the colleges of DCCCD post resumes, reference letters and other documents. You can search for jobs by city or by job title, among other filters. High-demand jobs and overlooked jobs are highlighted in a “Featured Jobs” section. Both big institutions and small businesses post jobs.

HELIX goes further than general jobs websites. Shannon Ydoyaga is executive director of DCCCD’s Health Careers Resource Center, which runs HELIX. She notes that HELIX allows for more detail than general jobs sites.

“HELIX is unique in that it lets students load in the details of licensure and organizations they work with,” Ydoyaga said. “It gets very specific.”

Not Just Nursing Jobs

“Lots of times students have only heard about nursing,” notes Ydoyaga. “They don’t realize there are more than 200 health care career options.”

Besides nursing, popular jobs include radiology, medical assisting, pharmacy technician and medical laboratory technician.

“Even on the administrative side, there are lots of opportunities in jobs such as medical coding and billing,” Ydoyaga says. Such programs include Medical Front Office and Medical Staff Services.

What the Health Careers Resource Center Does

The Health Careers Resource Center is the hub at DCCCD for helping students with health-related careers.

“We talk with graduates about the next step,” Ydoyaga says. “For example, after completing an RN [registered nurse] program, what’s the next step?” It could be a job. Or it could be transfer to a university. The center provides intensive career and program information related to health care fields.

“What we know is if a student is a good fit for a program, they tend to be more successful,” says Ydoyaga.

Check out HELIX today! And be sure to contact the Health Careers Resource Center to see what it can do for you.

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Build Flexibility Into Your Class Schedule

Try the flexibility of DCCCD Flex Term classes.Stretched too thin? Build flexibility into your schedule by enrolling in a Flex Term credit class.

Flex Term classes may fit your schedule better than regular classes. They run for various lengths of time, from three weeks to 20 weeks. The classes are offered each month, including April and May, at all colleges of DCCCD.

Flex Term classes:

  • last for various lengths of time (not always a whole regular semester)
  • meet once a week, three times a week or every day
  • may help you complete your degree faster through more intensive classes
  • teach Core and specialized subjects
  • are offered in person and online
  • transfer and apply to degrees just like regular classes

There are hundreds of classes to choose among. Subjects offered in April include anthropology, art appreciation, government, history, humanities, algebra and many more.

Interested? View Flex Term class schedules on the browsable class schedule by selecting the semester you’re interested in (Summer 2015) and looking for Flex Term on the right side of the page (under Special Terms and Topics).

Another Option: Online Classes

If you can’t make it to campus, check out our online classes. Some are Flex Terms and some are traditional semester-length classes.

Keep up with Flex Term offerings throughout the year. Go to this shortcut URL:

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Done Your Taxes? Now Fill Out Your FAFSA

Time to Send in your FAFSAAre you counting on financial aid for the 2015-2016 school year? Then get started filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submitting the FAFSA is the single most important step to get money for college.

You must fill out the FAFSA to apply for federal student aid. Student aid means federal grants, loans and work-study. You also need a FAFSA to apply for money from your state or college.

It is best to submit your FAFSA as early as you can. Review the FAFSA deadlines.

FAFSA Uses Your Tax Information

You’ll need your income records for the tax year prior to the academic year for which you are applying: For instance, if you are filling out the FAFSA to get money for the 2015-2016 school year, you will need your 2014 tax information. If your parents still claim you as a dependent on their taxes, you’ll also need their tax information.

You can transfer your federal tax return information to the FAFSA electronically. So, if you have submitted your tax return to the IRS, filling out the FAFSA is easier. However, if you haven’t done your taxes by the time you fill out your FAFSA, it’s OK to estimate the amounts. You’ll just need to send an updated FAFSA once you file your tax return.

Find out more about getting started on your FAFSA.

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Find Out Why It Can Pay to Be an Accountant

accounting-200x160Hear accountants talk about career opportunities: Attend a free event hosted by the Texas Society of CPAs in partnership with DCCCD’s Accounting departments.

The Destination CPA: Imagine the Possibilities event is April 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Eastfield College, 3737 Motley Drive, Mesquite, Room C135. (“CPA,” by the way, is the abbreviation for certified public accountant.)

Light refreshments will be provided.

You must register for the event. To register, send your name, email address and phone number to Donna Fritz at or call her at 800-428-0272, ext. 201. Deadline to register is April 16.

Register today!

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We’ve Cut the Cost of Textbooks

photo of studentsWe have great news! You can save as much as $670 when you buy textbooks.

DCCCD’s new contract with textbook company Follett does away with a commission on the cost of textbooks. That means whether you buy new or used textbooks from your college bookstore, you benefit directly. On average, you will save $600 over two years.

“This new bookstore contract is one concrete way in which DCCCD can meet our board of trustees’ strategic priorities that focus on promoting student success and removing barriers to college completion,” said DCCCD Chancellor Joe May.

Based on a review of textbook costs in 2014, a full-time student at one of the seven colleges of DCCCD who took 15 credit hours per semester, over four semesters, paid about $1,965 for books. The contract will save $536 to $670, or a cost reduction of more than 33 percent. Savings will vary, based on whether you buy new or used textbooks as well as how many semesters and credit hours you are enrolled.

Students who want to rent textbooks can keep doing that. Since the textbook rental program began in the district in 2014, more than 106,000 students have participated, saving an estimated $2.6 million.

Saving you money — just one more way DCCCD is helping you to succeed.

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Career Fairs: Two Today, More in April

photo of student holding job fair signTwo of our colleges have career fairs Wednesday, March 25: Mountain View College and Richland College.

Find out the complete schedule of career fairs at the colleges of DCCCD.

Friends or Family Are Welcome

Our career fairs are not just for you. Friends or family who are job-hunting are welcome.

Get Help From Career Centers

Your college’s Career Center sponsors the career fairs. Each center offers lots of other services, too. Go by your college’s Career Center to see how it can help you!


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