Tell Us (and DCCCD!) Your Story

female college studentWe’re looking for some of our great students to tell us their stories!

We’re interested in finding out why you went to a college of DCCCD, what you learned, what you plan to do (if you’re a current student) and what you’re doing now (if you’re an alum). Current and former student are welcome.

Take a look at other student videos Respiratory Care and the Food and Hospitality Institute for examples.

What Would I Have to Do?

Once you submit your information, we’ll contact you to schedule a time to meet and chat on video about your experience at your college. The whole interview will be about 15-20 minutes long and the finished video will be published on so prospective students can find out what college is like from an actual student.


Fill out our student interview form, and we’ll c0ntact you to schedule an interview.

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