Four Tips for Veterans to Succeed in College

logo of College Credit for HeroesHamaria Crockett, coordinator of the College Credit for Heroes program at DCCCD, has these tips for military veterans:

  1. Prepare for a transition: Take control of your college path. When you get to college you have to select your major; register for classes; study for classes; go to class; and learn without simulation. The mission is not impossible.
  2. Be open to a new mindset: Be more open to hearing different opinions and more sides to the story.
  3. Seek out other veterans: It’s definitely a good thing to meet other people who are going through the same situation as you. If your school offers veteran-specific orientations or classes, go check it out.
  4. Hang out with civilians: While a peer group of simultaneously transitioning veterans is key to success, it’s also important to broaden your horizons and actually get to know the civilians you sit alongside in class.

College Credit for Heroes looks at the military experience of active duty, retired and former military to see whether that experience can be counted toward specific degree or certificate programs. Find out more about College Credit for Heroes.

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