7 Most Underrated Career Skills

image of business peopleWhile technical skills are always important, sometimes it’s the so-called “soft” skills that make all the difference when you’re starting down a career path. These underrated skills can make the difference between a good employee and a great employee and a promotion or a demotion.

According to The Savvy Intern blog, the seven most underrated career skills are:

  1. Being influential: the ability to convince people of the importance of your initiative
  2. Connecting others: the ability to bring people together
  3. Writing concisely: the ability to communicate an idea effectively in just a few words or sentences
  4. Creating conversation: the ability to chat with people you might not know that well
  5. Public speaking: the ability to speak intelligently in front of groups of people
  6. Thinking creatively: the ability to think in new ways and to brainstorm new solutions
  7. Displaying emotional intelligence: the ability to understand how people are feeling and why

Find out more about these career skills over on The Savvy Intern blog.

And, let us know in the comments what career skills you think are the most important.

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