What You Wish You’d Known About College

photo of a group of college studentsLast week, we asked you what you wish you had known about college before you started. We wanted to get your advice so we could make the college experience a little easier for students in the future.

Here’s what you guys had to say on Twitter, Facebook and Google+:

  • “That 8 AM classes were a big no no.” – @DTrizly
  • “When I first stated college, I wish I’d known what a financial steal community college is! I started at a private 4-year university and got myself into $30k of student loan debt in ONE year. Ouch. The next year, I transferred to the DCCCD and I went to school for free. I ended up completing my AA without spending a dime; if only I had gone to community college first, I’d be debt-free right now. What a lesson to learn!” – Ambelleina Warwillow
  • “To start out at a community college first! I did not, and ended up at Brookhaven for the first time this fall semester, and now having the experience, I definitely wish I would have done community college first then transferred into a 4 year university.” – Diney Hobgood
  • “Better time management (calendars and planners help with this). (Not personally) how to write a proper email to professor. All the free study tools available. Save, save save money when and where you can. Enjoy learning!” – Cynthiana Hilyer
  • “How much to study for heavy classes like COSC. That teachers are people as well and you can ask them for actual help.” – Alan Carvajal
  • “how important RATE MY PROFESSORS website is! and APPLY APPLY APPLY for FAFSA and scholarships EARLY! and keep ur GPA UP for school scholarship and honors!” – Connie Trinh
  • “Definitely that 15 hours per semester are needed to graduate with a bachelors in 4 years. Something I didn’t learn until my 3rd semester.” – Vanessa Silva
  • “Financial options! Had I known about grants, loans, procedures you can take towards your future etc., I would have had a plan and more confident attitude about college. So many students graduate without the knowledge of all the options of what to do next. Hopefully, we can have more information filtered to students earlier to allow them time to execute what route they’d like to take.” – Angie Fierro
  • “As an older student, I wish I would’ve known how inexpensive and easy to start it was.” – Gregory Pierce
  • “I learned to never take too many classes at once especially working! I’ve taken 17 hours for 2 semesters while working 29 hours a week! I will never do that again lol its better to take ur time completing your classes. Well lesson was learned” – Briana Hope Harris-Liv
  • “I wish I would have known students can test out of some classes like history via the CLEP exam. I am at UTA now and intend to save more money by testing out of biology. Starting at DCCCD and planning to do the CLEP have significantly cut down my cost of school.” – Haley Wood

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