Making Up Final Exams

Due to the inclement weather on Friday, Dec. 6, through Monday, Dec. 9, the colleges of DCCCD were closed. In-class finals that were scheduled for those days will be rescheduled.

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday in-class finals that were missed: Please check with your instructor to see when and how your exam has been rescheduled. If you have already been notified by your instructor, follow their new exam schedule.

For Monday in-class finals that were missed: Friday, Dec. 13, has been scheduled as a possible final exam makeup day.  If your Monday in-class final exam is rescheduled to Friday, Dec. 13, it will follow the exam schedule for Monday, Dec 9. Please check with your instructor to find out how and when your exam has been rescheduled. If you have already been notified by your instructor, follow their new exam schedule.


Contact your instructor for information.


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21 responses to “Making Up Final Exams

  1. Cameron

    Have our Professors been given an extension on the grade-reporting deadline? Is there a better way for me to find this information in the future?


    • Joanna

      Grades are due to be submitted electronically today. Occasionally, some departments will grant instructors extensions for various reasons. If you’re concerned, you may want to contact your professor or the department coordinator.

      You can always see when grades are due in the academic calendar –

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any trouble or need anything else.


  2. Sheila Gant

    I e-mailed my Professor and I have not received a response. I need to talk to someone who can I call?


    • Joanna

      You may want to call the head of the department. Which college are you attending and which department is it? I can see if I can find the phone number for you.


  3. Brenda

    What if I was scheduled to take the GED on Saturday? How will I know when it is re-scheduled? I’ve called their office and nobody answers.


  4. Amy

    What if my instructor has not given us any information or replied to my emails?


  5. Kayla Erickson

    What if the exam was cancelled on Thursday Dec.5


  6. Cedar Valley College’s Tutoring Center will be open at its regular time 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. for tutoring. Appointments can be made at 972-860-2974.


  7. Latonya Robinson

    Can we take the final on Wednesday or early on Friday


  8. Helen. W

    I wish Brookhaven college would allow us to make up for finals scheduled on Monday and Tuesday throughout the week through Friday so that the Testing Center is able to accommodate student’s owing we missed Monday schedule.


  9. Melissa

    Will the Learning Center tutoring labs be open for those who weren’t able to get help before exams on Friday/Saturday?


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