What Are the Differences Between High School and College?

What are the differences between college and high school?Earlier this week, we asked you what the differences are between high school and college. We got some great answers from you guys on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram!

Here’s what you said:

  • In college (at least in my experience) you have an opportunity to learn more because most people in college want to be there and want to learn. In high school most kids are just there cause its the law. – Haley Wood
  • I would have to say that if miss a deadline or forget something, teachers in high school would give you a chance to make that up. Not in college. Time to be a grown up! – Gamal Hernandez
  • When you’re in high school you depend on others, and when you’re in college you’re independent (: – taniaalavez95
  • In college you pay for your classes. In high school you don’t. – mikelsuave
  • In high school you know everyone in your class. In college, you’re lucky to know one person in your class. – Okuma Listic
  • You’re more free to express your opinions in college than in high school. – ruhnay_
  • In college, you don’t have teachers or principals babying you for things you should be responsible for. – smileycindy03
  • There are a ton of differences between college & high school. In college you take your education twice more serious than in high school. College is bigger than high school so that’s a greater chance of getting lost on campus on your 1st day lol. Lastly, the registration process is sure of a long one compared to high school if you ask me. – _elizabeth1118

So, what do you think the differences are? Let us know in the comments! And thanks to everyone who answered!

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