Best Mobile Apps for College Students

photo of a female student using a smart phoneThere’s an app for nearly everything these days. College is no exception.

Whether you’re studying for classes or looking for an internship, here are some mobile apps that can help you on your way.

Evernote. Evernote is available on your phone, tablet and computer, so you can write, edit and read your notes anywhere. It lets you organize your notes into folders, search for keywords and upload pictures, so if you take notes the traditional pen-and-paper way one day, you can still take a picture of your notes and file them with your digital notes.

Wunderlist and 2DoThese are two of the most powerful list-building apps out there. You can add items to and remove items from your to-do list on your phone, tablet or computer and organize items by type or subject. These apps will help you get and stay organized.

Job SearchThis app, powered by, is easy to use and searches’s large database to find jobs that meet your criteria.

StudyBlueStudyBlue lets you build digital flashcards to use for studying for a test. It even filters out the cards you consistently get right so that you’re studying the material you find most difficult. Plus, if you add your class, you can see your classmates’ study materials.

UnstuckIf you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re having trouble getting motivated, this iPad-only app is for you. You select how you’re feeling and what you’re “stuck” about, and the app gives you tips on how to move forward and get “unstuck.”


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