4 Tips for First-Time College Students

photo of a group of studentsAs a first-time college student, you may not know exactly what to expect. Here are four tips to help you get started on the right path and make it all the way to graduation.

1. Have a plan. The best way to succeed in college is to create a road map. Take a look at the degrees available and decide what career might be right for you. Plan out what classes you’ll need to take and what skills you’ll need to learn to get there. Your plan can change later if it needs to, but it’s always a good idea to keep the future in mind.

2. Ask for help. Professors, academic advisors, career counselors, personal counselors, Journey to Success coaches and so many others are here to help you. We want you to do well in school, to graduate and to become educated members of society, and we’d love to help you do that.

3. Get involved. Students who are the most successful are often the most involved. Whether that means joining a club, competing in or attending athletic games, participating in Service Learning, running for student government or attending campus events, your college (and your education!) will mean more to you if you are a part of the whole experience.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Sometimes the classes that scare you the most are the ones you learn the most from. If you’ve always had an interest in math, keep taking those math classes, but add another class that piques your curiosity. Or, if you’ve always sketched in your notebooks, maybe it’s time to take a design class or join an art club and see where that leads you. College — and life — is sometimes about taking a chance on something new.

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