Last Chance: Fall Registration Ends Today

MaleStudent2_160x200Plan to register for fall classes? Don’t delay! Registration ends today, and credit classes begin Monday, Aug. 26.

How to Register

Dates and times for on-campus registration may vary by college; visit your college’s website for the most current information.

Important Notes About Registration

  • Can’t register online? Learn common reasons.
  • Stop Before You Drop: Under Texas law, students who enroll in a Texas public institution of higher education (including DCCCD) for the first time in fall 2007 or later may not drop more than six courses during their entire undergraduate career. See our catalog for more information.


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2 responses to “Last Chance: Fall Registration Ends Today

  1. letranco

    This is a lie. Today is August 21st, eConnect is down, and you CANNOT register for classes today. Thanks DCCCD! Another semester wasting time.


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