Take This Fun Class – if You Are 21 or Older

photo of wine in glassesHave you ever wanted to take a wine class to learn about – and taste – the differences in wines from around the world? Now you can: Enroll in “Vines and Wines,” being taught in Fall 2013 at El Centro College.

The only catch: You must be 21 years of age or older.

The three-credit-hour course (RSTO 1319) is officially called “Viticulture and Enology.” It meets every Thursday from 7 to 8:50 p.m. in room C-160 at El Centro College, located at Main and Lamar streets in Dallas.

You’ll learn how to identify types of wine grapes, wine-growing regions and wine varieties. The instructor will discuss the history of wine production, explain storage procedures and teach you to recognize equipment and proper serving techniques.

Gus Katsigris, emeritus professor of food and hospitality at El Centro College, teaches the course.

“We also will host guest speakers – wine merchants and wine makers – who will present wines from each region we cover, using sensory evaluations,” he says. “Producers, wholesalers and retailers of wines, as well as wine writers, will share their expertise and products with our students, who will learn first-hand from them about the industry.”

He added, “When students finish this course, they will be familiar with the processes of how wines are evaluated by taste. They will be able to read and understand labels from wines around the world, and they also will understand how wines should be stored – along with inventory techniques associated with storage. In addition to learning the techniques and methods used by wine professionals to present and serve wine at the table (using the proper wine glasses and table settings), they will do it themselves in “mise en place” activities.

“Finally, they will have fun and enjoy this course, which will take them around the world as they learn about wine,” said Katsigris.

For more information, contact Katsigris at gkatsigris@dcccd.edu.

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