Our Libraries Can Help You in Many Ways

photo of shelves of booksThe librarians at your college are there to help you. All you have to do is ask.

The most popular service at the libraries is one-on-one assistance, says Linda Baker, a librarian at El Centro College.

“The libraries serve as a safety net when students don’t understand something, whether it’s something from class or about school in general,” she notes. “Librarians can walk a student through finding resources, suggest contacts in the college or help you understand an assignment.”

Besides one-on-one help, there’s plenty more that our libraries offer:

  • Books: Materials are chosen to match curricula.
  • Databases: More than 60 research databases and electronic reference sets are available.
  • Computer use: Research a subject, or use the computers for word processing or class work.
  • Quiet: You’ll find a quiet, calm place to study.

Our libraries expand their list of databases often. You can search databases from any computer with your name and student ID number. Go to www.dcccd.edu/libraries to get to the Libraries home page. Look for the Databases heading. Click on “Journals and Magazines,” then click on the first letter of the database title.

DCCCD libraries offer information that you can’t get simply by Googling. Libraries offer — for free! — access to information for which websites charge. Library databases will link you to magazine or newspaper articles, e-books, TV and radio transcripts, videos and photos.

Other great things you can do:

  • Renew a book online: From the library catalog page, click on “My Account” to renew items.
  • Ask a librarian a question from your computer: Go to the Libraries home page and click on Ask-A-Librarian. “At El Centro, most of our questions are in the evenings, when students are at home working on assignments,” librarian Linda Baker says.
  • Read for fun: The libraries have a wide range of classic and current books, magazines and more.

Even if your library doesn’t have a specific book or other piece of information, you can borrow a book from another DCCCD college through an intercampus loan. A librarian at your college can help you.

You may be surprised at the many ways a librarian can save you time and aggravation.

Not sure where your library is? Find your college library here.

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