Important Fall 2013 Dates

photo of college students on campusIt may feel like Spring semester just ended, but the Fall semester is right around the corner! Make sure you’re prepared for Fall by making a note of these important dates.

Priority registration (for returning students) starts

  • June 11

Regular registration (for all students) starts

  • June 17

Last day to register for students who do not have an “academic standing” of good

  • Aug. 16

Last day to register for regular semester classes

  • Aug. 21 (Only Flex Term classes can be registered for after this date.)

Semester starts

  • Aug. 26

Last day to arrange for a payment plan

  •  Aug. 30

Certification Date (12th Class Day)

  • Sept. 9

Last day to register for classes if you want to receive Financial Aid for Fall 2013

  • Sept. 10

Tuition refund dates

  • 100% – Before Aug. 26 (Prior to 1st class day)
  • 70%  –  Aug. 26-Sept. 12 (1st through 15th class days)
  • 25%  –  Sept. 13–18 (16th through 20th class days)
  • None – On or after Sept. 19 (On or after 21st class day)

Financial Aid dates

Graduation application deadline

  • Oct. 15

Last day to drop with a “W”

  • Nov. 14

Semester ends

  • Dec. 12


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2 responses to “Important Fall 2013 Dates

  1. A Student

    If only DCCCD could stick with these dates…


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