Hey DCCCD and El Centro, Thanks!

image of a "Thank You" stampby Staphany Cedillo, one of our spring student bloggers

To you I owe:

Attending two fall semesters, two spring semesters, two summer terms, one wintermester, and one flex term.

Having a free DART pass and riding the train to El Centro.

Joining Phi Theta Kappa and attending the Texas Regional Convention in El Paso.

Taking a painting course and presenting a self-portrait at my local library as a community artist.

Attending a performance by the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra at Brookhaven.

Seeing school plays: Much Ado About Nothing, Sherlock Holmes, Tres(3), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and 4.48 Psychosis.

Performing in the El Centro Drama Club’s “The Actor’s Nightmare.”

Seeing a presentation by Dr. Jorge Huerta about Teatro Chicana/o and achieving social justice.

Taking an Intro to Criminal Justice class field trip to see and discuss End of Watch with an actual retired police chief.

Attending a Chris Guillebeau lecture and being inspired to become an entrepreneur with his book The $100 Startup.

Taking a pledge on Earth Day to reduce the amount of plastic I throw away.

Applying for an internship at the Trinity River Audubon Center.

And, most importantly, to you I owe earning my credits to transfer and continuing my college education with the experience and the knowledge I’ve received both inside and outside of the classroom.

Thank you,

A soon to be DCCCD/El Centro graduate


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2 responses to “Hey DCCCD and El Centro, Thanks!

  1. Peter Goldstein

    fantastic…what a wonderful thank you note. And, thanks for sharing it with us!


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