13 in ’13 – Tips for Students

gold starby Alana King, one of our spring student bloggers

Spring break is over, but there’s still time to turn your semester around. Whether you’re a college veteran or just beginning your first semester, here are 13 ways to finish spring 2013 strong.

Things to Do:

  1. Stay Healthy. Get a flu shot, eat healthy, and most importantly, get enough rest to make sure you don’t get sick and have to miss class. Nothing’s worse than having to recuperate physically and then having to deal with tons of make-up work once you get back.
  2. Stay on Top of Things. When it comes to deadlines or asking for help, don’t wait until the last second before getting started or reaching out. 
  3. Keep Up With Deadlines. For students getting ready to transfer, make sure your application, transcript requests and whatever else you may need are ready to send out. Deadlines are quickly approaching for many universities and programs, so don’t let time get away from you. Help with transferring can be found through Transfer Services
  4. Get to Know Your Professors and Make Sure They Get to Know You. Doing so can help you not only in your class but beyond as well (you may need letters of recommendations to a four-year university later on).
  5. Get to Know Some of Your Classmates. If you ever miss a class, you’ll know who to talk to about getting the day’s information. And, if you ever have a group assignment where you can choose who you work with, you’ll know who you’re working with and how they work.
  6. Stay Balanced. School, work, clubs, family, friends and the other millions of things you have to juggle can wear you down quickly. Take a breath, prioritize, and remember to enjoy yourself. You’re only young once.

Know Where to Go:

  1.  Counseling Centers: If you need to talk, there are people who will listen. Each campus has a counseling center with people there ready and willing to help. Locations, operating hours and contact information can be found on the Counseling Centers page
  2. Health Centers: Whether it’s testing, counseling or preventative healthcare, your campus’ Health Center is there for you.
  3. Career Services: for students who need help with résumé writing, searching for a job or career counseling, Career Services prepare students and alumni with current or future career aspirations. 
  4. Police Departments: If you’ve been a victim or just want to know information about staying safe on campus, your campus’ police officers are there to inform and protect students, faculty and staff. 
  5. Tutoring Centers: Tutoring for several subjects is available on if you are having issues in a class. The sooner you go in to get help, the better chance you have of staying in and passing the class. Find out more about your campus’ Tutoring Center

Make Sure to Check Out:

  1. Clubs and Organizations. There are several clubs, organizations and honor societies based on interests and abilities. Join a club and meet some new people. College isn’t all about class work and lectures after all. View a list online or at your campus’s Student Life Center. 
  2. Campus Events: For sports fans, baseball teams will be playing this spring, but there also plays, concerts and recitals. Admission to these events is free for students, so come out and support your fellow classmates.

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