Selecting a Transfer School

image of a university campusby Staphany Cedillo, one of our spring student bloggers

In my last blog post I talked about ways to discover a career direction. The next step is to decide where to pursue it. If you’re planning on transferring, it’s time to find a four-year school that fits your needs.

My internship has surrounded me with many people in my prospective career field. My involvement in worker rights and the nonprofit sector led me to meet my co-worker who also happened to be a Paul Quinn College recruiter. Her interests in service corresponded to Paul Quinn’s philosophy of servant leadership.

In just one week, I submitted my application, attended a tour, talked with the college president, and was accepted and awarded a scholarship. The school’s conversion of the football field to a community farm and their new social entrepreneurship program met more than just my academic needs; they met my personal beliefs and values.

When trying to decide which school to transfer to, ask your professors and other professionals in your field what schools they recommend. They can provide you with the best options and scholarship information and may even put you in contact with the university.

In the second half of your bachelor’s degree, you will be concentrating on your major. To get the most out of this, find a school that shares your visions in both academics and extracurriculars.

What do you look for in a school? Let us know in the comments.

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