Top 12 Spring Break Ideas From a Student Blogger

Spring Break drawn into sandby Alana King, one of our spring student bloggers

Tired of doing the same ol’ thing for spring break every year? Here are some new ideas to get you out of your rut and let you enjoy your week off.

1. Go somewhere different. Avoid places like Padre and Cancun,  and take a road trip off the beaten path. Other spots will be less crowded so they’ll be more enjoyable.
2. Catch up. Whether you’ve fallen behind in your classes or household chores like laundry, spend the week getting caught up on what you’ve let slide.
3. Can’t leave DFW? Have a “staycation” — stay in town and enjoy the sights. From museums to zoos and everything in between, the metroplex has  affordable options for people with all kinds of interests.
4. Missing out on what’s trending? You can check out TV shows or movies you missed out on anytime thanks to websites like Hulu and Netflix.
5. Get reacquainted. Take your break to spend time with friends and family who you haven’t gotten a chance to see much of lately.
6. Have a green thumb? Plant something. Whether it’s flowers or food, planting now will allow your items to fully bloom or grow before the scorching Texas summer.
7. For Dallas-area sports fans: The  Mavericks and the Stars have home games during spring break.
8. Into March Madness? Check out local restaurants and bars  that will be showing the games if you don’t have the money to travel to where your team will be playing.
9. If you’re the outdoors-y type: Many  area lakes are equipped for camping. Leave your devices behind and enjoy a few days of hiking, biking and enjoying nature.
10. Mix it up a little. A Deep Ellum regular? Catch a show in Denton or Fort Worth. A Verizon fixture? Check out a band at a smaller venue.
11. Do something for someone else. There’s still time to check out alternative spring break programs and local organizations that will let you spend your week helping others.
12. Get some rest! Whether you travel the globe or don’t leave your place at all, don’t forget to recharge and prepare yourself for the second half of spring semester.

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