Our Success Coaches Can Give You a Helping Hand

Reg75_JTS200x160Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to juggle school, work and your personal life? Get help from Journey to Success!

Journey to Success is a program at your college that helps you improve your study habits and organize your life so that you can achieve your academic and career goals.

We team you with a success coach who volunteers his or her time to help you. The success coach will connect you to the college services or information you need to succeed. The program is absolutely free to you.

What Else Can a Success Coach Do for Me?

Success coaches will provide you with support and encouragement. They also may assist you with the following:

Success coaches will not replace your instructors or the free tutoring that is available at your college.

How Do I Request a Success Coach?

Contact the Journey to Success coordinator at your college. Tell the coordinator that you want a success coach. The coordinator will assign a success coach to contact you by email or telephone. (Note: Some colleges may require that a professor refer you to the program.)

Need more information? The Journey to Success coordinator at your college can answer your questions.

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