Get Ahead of the Game – Last Day to Register: Jan. 16

Taking classes in Spring 2013? This Spring, registration for credit classes will end several days before classes begin. So, it’s more important than ever before to register early.

Registration for Spring and Winter Term credit classes starts Nov. 20. Registration will end Jan. 16, 2013.

Registration Dates:

  • Priority registration (open to returning students) begins Tuesday, Nov. 20, and ends Sunday, Nov. 25.
  • Regular registration (open to all students) starts Monday, Nov. 26, and ends Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Note that we also offer Flex Term classes that don’t follow the regular semester schedules.  Flex term registration will also stop Jan. 16 and start again Jan. 22.

Why is registering early such a big deal? 

Research has shown that students who register early for classes tend to do better academically. The first day of class is one of the most important days. If you miss it, you tend to have a difficult time catching up. We want you to start off on the right foot.

Also, registering early benefits you in these ways:

  • You’ll give yourself the best chance of getting the class you want.
  • You’ll have more time to get textbooks and other supplies and prepare in other ways for school.
  • You’ll have more time to pay your tuition.
  • Academic advisors will have more time to help you.
  • You’ll cut down on stress by getting your classes lined up.

A tuition reminder: Starting with the Spring 2013 semester, tuition will increase from $45 to $52 per credit hour for Dallas County residents.

Check for full information about Spring 2013 registration. If you need more information, contact your college Admissions/Registrar’s office. They will be glad to help.

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